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  2. sana may status sa Facebook na..



    Flirting with ________________. 

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    I am writing this in the dark. Past midnight. Downstairs. Tucked away behind my bedroom door. And I can hear my older sister rustling through the pantry in the kitchen. This probably wouldn’t be unusual in most other houses. I’d like to think it’s pretty commonplace, in fact. But for me, in this…

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    twinkiechan:israelesai:charlotte olympia cat wedges i need them in my life!  (Taken with instagram)ME TOOOOO!!!



    charlotte olympia cat wedges i need them in my life! (Taken with instagram)

    ME TOOOOO!!!

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    Recently a few of my work friends have been getting interested in cycling and have been asking for advice. Many of the questions are around whether a specific bicycle is good, or how much they should expect to spend. When talking about cost, my advice sounds a little bit like I am talking about selecting a CMS